DOUGGA (دڨة‎)

We have arrived late at the southwestern edge of the Dougga archeological site. After a short talk with the guard, we were allowed to park here (bakshis 2 TND). Anyway, after an hour the national guard showed up and parked the patrol car (with two soldiers) just in front of our truck for the whole night. We started our exploration of the great Roman settlement listed in UNESCO in the morning (entrance 8 TND). Dougga is set on an enchanting hillside surrounded by olive groves and overlooking fields of grain, it was built on the site of an ancient Numidian settlement called Thugga, which explains why the streets are so uncharacteristically tangled. The whole site is spread on 65 hectares, amongst the most famous monuments at the site are a 2nd-century-BC Libyco-Punic Mausoleum, the imposing Capitole, a 3500-seat theatre, and various temples.

Parking location – Dougga: 36.419132N 9.216668E (🚻)