Today, our friend Sultan arranged to visit a “Camel Camp” in the desert. So his friend took his luxurious Range Rover and drove three of us, Sultan and a secret police officer, around 100 kilometers east of Najran. We had a great afternoon in the desert playing with camels, chatting with camel breeders, and tasting fresh camel milk.

It was already a part of the Ar Rub’ al Khali, or Empty Quarter, which covers much of the south-central portion of the Arabian Peninsula and is Earth’s largest continuous sand desert.

Once we came back, we would like to return to our truck, but we had no chance because Sultan’s friend insisted on staying at his house for dinner. It was another great evening proving the hospitality of locals in Najran’s province.

Parking location: 17.842888N 44.773694E (🐫)