We visited Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory, a leading enterprise of Armenia for the production of wine, fruit wine, and cognac. The factory was opened in 1951 to process the grapes of the Aghstev and Spitak rivers valley, with more than 3000 ha of vineyards. Currently, the factory produces wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, brandy, fruit vodka, as well as fruit paste, vegetable preservation, and juice. The tour explained how the factory’s wine and cognac are produced, and the tasting includes three wines and one or two types of cognac (🎫 2000 AMD or🎫 from 2500 AMD with wine tasting). In addition, tasty jams, juices, and compotes are available in the shop.

Parking location – Ijevan: 40.864360N 45.132051E (🚻)