KHAFJI (رأس الخفجي)

Ras al-Khafji is a town on the border between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It lies in what was, before 1970, the Saudi Arabian–Kuwaiti neutral zone. It was pretty easy to cross the border. On the Kuwaiti side, we just stamped the passport and CPD and left the border within minutes.

On Saudi Arabia’s side, we were supposed to get VOA. Still, they asked us to process eVisa. We got the approval of a multiple entry visa valid for one year with a stay of 90 days (Total of 534,98 SAR, consisting of visa fee – 300 SAR, mandatory insurance – 156,52 SAR, VAT 15% – 68,48 SAR, transaction fee – 9,98 SAR) within few minutes.

They took our biometrics, and we drove to the passport control (no stamp, they just printed an entry slip for the customs) and then to customs, where they did not check anything but registered our truck in their system (no CPD required, no papers or insurance) only. They did print the exit slip, and we drove out to the Khafji through the last gate.

In Khafji, we bought our sim cards at the STC shop (100 GB / 30 days / 180 SAR and 25 GB / 100 SAR / 30 days + 15 SAR for the sim card), which is supposed to have the best coverage in KSA. A local money changer gave us a 3,95 SAR / 1 EUR rate. And one liter of diesel you will get for 0,75 SAR.

Parking location – Ras al-Khafji: 28.499366N 48.477314E (🚻)