Finally, we took a trip to the Musandam Peninsula, an enclave of Oman within the UAE. We drove around the stunning coastline and enjoyed some of the region’s most breathtaking views. We made several stops to take photos, so it took us more than an hour’s drive down gorgeous curvy seaside cliffs to reach Khasab.

Travel Tips
We can say that the Al Dara border crossing was the most inefficient and disorganized in the Gulf region. It took us more than 3 hours to get through this tiny border. As usual, on the UAE side, we went through passport control, where we paid the exit fee (60,84 AED / 2 pax) and got an “exit slip” and stamps for our CPD at the customs office. On the Omani side, we got overpriced insurance at the Viva office (5 days / 12,59 OMR), then went for passport stamps (free voa / 14 days) and got the “exti slip”. After a quick search of the truck, we went to the customs office to get stamps for our CPD. At the first Shell, just a few kilometers from the border, we refilled our tank with much cheaper diesel than in UAE (0,258 OMR / liter). Our Omantel’s sim card was still working, so we only loaded the credit (3 OMR / unlimited internet for 24 hours) in the shop in Khasab.