Bordered by Soudah Mountain (3015 m), Saudi Arabia’s highest peak, reaching Rijal Alma, was a considerable challenge. This zigzag road (also called the obstacle of death or the snake) is listed amongst the most dangerous roads in the world – stiff, curvy, and narrow with the sharpest turns we’ve ever seen in our travels, but it also has one of the most stunning views.

We left our truck around the corner from the police checkpoint, where only cars with a maximum height of 2,2 meters can pass. We parked in unpaved parking, and the police officer recommended that place. Still, to our surprise, once we came back, the truck was covered with several giant stickers from Assir Municipality saying that it was prohibited to park there. The punishment was already to remove them from windows and doors.

So again, we moved the truck across to the paved viewpoint full of cars, but in a few minutes arrived, two patrol cars from Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES). They told us that we couldn’t park there either, and they brought us one kilometer away to a similar unpaved place with green bushes and trees 🤪😂.

Parking location – Alogl: 18.317310N 42.330258E