WADI DISAH (وادي داما)

Wadi Disah is nestled between the towering escarpments in the northern region of Saudi Arabia in the Tabuk Province. “The Valley of Palm Trees” lies 400 meters above sea level, surrounded by massive sandstone cliffs. The valley has two entrances; however, the southern entrance is more beautiful.

We did enter the valley for one kilometer with our truck, but then the road got so narrow that only small cars could pass through. So we accepted the offer from the driver of an old Toyota to drive us seven kilometers inside the valley for 250 SAR. The trip took around 1,5 hours with some photo stops. Other off-road vehicles stand at the end of the paved road, offering the same drive through the valley.

Parking location – Al-Disah: 27.621451N 36.453484E (🚻)