CHERNIVTSI (Чернівці́)

We stopped for one night in the historical city in southwestern Ukraine. Chernivtsi is situated on the upper Prut River in the Carpathian foothills. The first documentary reference to Chernivtsi dates from about 1408 when it was a town in Moldavia and the chief center of the area known as Bukovina. Chernivtsi later passed to the Turks and then in 1774 to Austria. After World War I it was ceded to Romania, and in 1940 the town was acquired by the USSR. Our main reason to stop in the town was its university founded in 1875. The complex (listed in UNESCO, entrance 100 UAH) was designed by the Czech architect Joseph Hlavka and first, it served as the Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans. We walked around majestic and charming buildings together with newly married couples using university grounds as the major photo shooting hot spot of their wedding sessions. Evening we spent in the nice city center with many cafes and restaurants (Bolt to center 50 UAH). Good for dinner is Tratoria Gorno and for cocktail Vyp Bar just around the corner.

Parking location – Chernivtsi: 48.302826N 25.925099E (🚻)