IVANO-FRANKIVSK (Іва́но-Франкі́вськ)

We spent two days in the capital of Prykarpattya – Ivano-Frankivsk. It received its current name in 1962 when during the celebration of 300 anniversary of the city’s foundation, it was renamed in honor of the outstanding Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko. By that time the city had been known as Stanislav and was named in honor of the son of the founder Andriy Revera Potocki (Pototski) – Stanislaw. According to an old legend, the contours of the future city were outlined with a plow by the founder of the city, a powerful man Revera Potocki (Pototski) when he was plowing the field. While constructing the city, which emerged on the territory of the ancient settlement Zabolottia, the Potocki tried to implement urban construction Renaissance ideas of an “ideal city”. Therefore, Stanislav was originally constructed as a mighty fortress for protection against raids of Crimean and Nogai hordes. Ivano-Frankivsk got damaged at the beginning of the 18th century when it was burned to ashes during the Russian-Swedish war. As a result, the Stanislav fortress was dismantled for building materials; temples, palaces, unassailable bastions, and the City Hall were destroyed. We were guided through the city by our friends Roman and Andrey and later in the evening we met them again to treat them with some beer and shaslik outside the city. If you want to enjoy your night in a lively place, then go to Eldorado Club (Bolt 50 UAH, entrance 80 UAH, Cuba Libre 105 UAH).

Parking location – Ivano-Frankivsk: 48.937300N 24.709103E (🚻)