We made overnight deep in the forest at ex-Soviet Nuclear Missile Base in Plokščiai. The former underground missile base hosts the Cold War Museum. There was no guided tour available so we have got a chance to explore the underground and the missile silos labyrinth by ourselves. Ten thousand soldiers, mostly Estonians, constructed the base. The missile silos were dug out with shovels which took approximately 6-8 months. They were constructed in a way that under normal conditions the staff could survive in the silos for 15 days with the silos hermetically sealed. Four R12 nuclear missiles, 23 meters high, including the 4 meters warhead, were installed in the silos. The rockets were aimed at different western countries: Norway, Great Britain, Spain, West Germany, and Turkey. Nuclear weapons were removed from the base on June 18, 1978.

Plokščiai – parking location: 56.0297990N 21.9058390E