MITROVICA (Mitrovicë)

We couldn’t visit Kosovo last year because of the blockade at the Jarinje border. Now, on our way to Greece, it was a very smooth crossing with friendly procedures on both sides, but it took us more than 30 minutes to get insurance for our truck (KIB / 15 EUR / 14 days) because the guy was not sure how to insure such a lovely vehicle 😊. After a few kilometers, we stopped at Leposaviq village for our first overnight and great dinner (6 Serbian Zaječarsko Beer, smoked roasted pig with fries, and Shopska salad for 23 EUR). The next day we drove to the regional center of Mitrovica (Kosovska Mitrovica) settled on the banks of the Ibar and Sitnica rivers. The city is one of the oldest known settlements in Kosovo, being first mentioned in written documents during the Middle Ages. But it was badly affected by the 1999 Kosovo War. In 2013, following the North Kosovo crisis, the Serb-majority municipality of North Mitrovica was created, dividing the city into two administrative units connected by the bridge over the Ibar. We saw quite a number of Italian Carabinieri from KFOR-MSU patrolling around the city. We bought here a sim card (Ipko 10 GB / 11,99 EUR and Vala 4 GB / 7,99 EUR) and took tasty lunch at Museum Pub (Roasted Veal with Mozzarella – 7,60 EUR, Shopska Salad – 2,50 EUR, Rugova Mineral Water – 0,75 l / 2 EUR).

Parking location – Leposaviq: 43.097965N 20.800914E (🚻)