MYRHOROD (Ми́ргород)

Another stop on our way to the east was Myrhorod – a little spa town on the Khorol River in the Poltava region. It was founded in the mid-16th century, and in 1575 was granted town status and selected as a Cossack regimental center by King Stephen Báthory of Poland. Myrhorod played an important role in the Cossack-Polish War of 1648–57. Under Russian rule, Myrhorod became a county center of Poltava gubernia in 1802 and a prosperous trade center. Since 1912 its mineral springs support seven balneological sanatoriums, which treat disorders of the digestive system, liver, and stomach. In 1896 the Gogol Handicrafts School and in 1912 the first Ukrainian ceramics manufacturing association were set up in Myrhorod. We took an afternoon walk around the city with its little sandy beach and tried the food at Shashlychnyy Dvir (Salad 55 UAH, Cheesecake 42 UAH, Mineral water 20 UAH / 0,5 l) and later in Grand Pizza Myrgorod (Four-cheese pizza 110 UAH, Beer 0,5 l / 40 UAH).

Parking location – Myrhorod: 49.959494N 33.612726E