Noul Neamţ is an all-male monastery located in Chiţcani near Tiraspol. It is also known as Mănastirea Chiţcani, and it is the biggest religious complex under the control of Transnistrian authorities. The monastic complex rises grandly to the sky, there’re four churches on the territory of the monastery. The monastery was founded in 1861 when several monks from the Neamţ monastery left and founded Noul-Neamţ in Chiţcani. The founding of the new monastery was a protest against the measures taken in the United Principalities of Romania to confiscate monastery estates and forbid the usage of Slavonic language in worship. On 16 May 1962 Soviet authorities closed the monastery and turned it into a hospital. The monastery church was reopened in 1989, followed in 1991 by the Romanian-language school for Orthodox priests. We had a great visit with a friendly monk, who guided us through the complex and farm, and at the end of the tour, the abbot (head monk) organized for us wine tasting of their own excellent wine production. There is also a very nice hotel in the complex, where you can stay free for few nights.

Parking location – Tiraspol: 46.834835N 29.604535E