OPLENAC (Опленац)

07In the heart of the Šumadija, in the near vicinity of the town Topola, slowly arises the rocky hillside called Oplenac. The St. George’s Church, also known as Oplenac, is the mausoleum of the Serbian and Yugoslav royal house of Karađorđević. It is an imposing five-domed building whose interior is covered with more than 40 million colored glass tiles, with 15.000 different shades of color depict the copies of frescoes from 60 Serbian medieval churches and monasteries. The church was founded by King Peter I of Yugoslavia in 1912. Many members of the royal house are buried in the church, in the crypt beneath the church, or in the churchyard.

Parking location – Topola: 44.247850N 20.680884E (🚻)