PRISTINA (Prishtinë)

We spent two days in the fast-changing capital of Kosovo. We found a nice parking location within short walking distance from downtown (1,50 EUR / 24 hrs). The city is full of mismatched architectural styles and doesn’t look like an obviously attractive place. But Pristina is a place where the atmosphere is as much an attraction as any classic tourist sight. It was the capital of the Serbian state before the Turks defeated the Balkan Christian armies in 1389 at the Battle of Kosovo, which was fought on the Kosovo Plain west of Pristina. The city retains an Oriental appearance, though many new buildings have occurred since 1945. In the crowded city center, with its international restaurants and smart cafes, you will find famous monuments – Newborn Monument, Statue of Bill Clinton, Memorial to Brotherhood & Unity, National Library, and Mother Teresa Cathedral. In close neighborhoods to the modern city center, there are Jashar Pasha Mosque and Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque, where the call to prayer still sounds from minarets overlooking the city’s terracotta roofs and where the bustling bazaar remains the focal point of daily life. For beer, you can try trendy Urban Gastrolounge (Huge portion of chicken fingers – 6 EUR, Peja Beer 0,5 l / 3 EUR), later in the night you can visit a little club Zanzibar (Entrance 3 EUR, Peja Beer 0,33 l / 2,50 EUR – not worth a visit) or famous “Kosovo style” night club Venom (taxi 10 EUR, entrance 10 EUR, Laško beer – 0,25 l / 3,50 EUR, Havanna Club 0,7 l / 70 EUR, Juice 1 l / 3 EUR), but the best choice is easy-going vibrant Duplex (busy only on Fridays, entrance 10 EUR, Corona 0,33 l / 5 EUR, Bacardi Coke 5 EUR).

Parking location – Priština: 42.662115N 21.154953E