This time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we planned to drive through Slovakia to the Ukrainian border with only one stop in Prešov, otherwise, our 72-hours valid PCR tests would expire. But, as usual, our crazy Dometic fridge broke up, so we made an unexpected stop in Liptovská Štiavnica to refill the coolant (not easy job on Saturday afternoon) with some local serviceman for 40 EUR. Later in the evening, we have arrived in Prešov, where we found good parking near the city center. Prešov, first mentioned in documents in 1247, lays on the Torysa River. It became a royal-free town in 1374. The town has a nice medieval oval marketplace, Renaissance burgher houses, and three churches representing Gothic, 16th-century Baroque, and 17th-century Rococo styles which survived a great fire in 1887. The town is a cultural center with theatres, a museum, and a teachers’ college. After some little sightseeing, we took our light dinner and beer at Staré Dobré Mexiko Restaurant (Šariš Beer 0,5 l / 1,99 EUR, Roasted potato with Bryndza cheese 4,89 EUR). Then we walked around to take one last beer and we found club Ponorka (entrance 3 EUR, Cuba Libre 2,85 EUR), but cute Slovak girls and excellent DJ made us stay there till 4 AM.

Parking location – Prešov: 49.000086N 21.227684E (🚻)