We left our truck around 4 kilometers away on a crossing and took our scooter to drive a narrow road leading to Sretenje Monastery. It is located on a plateau below the peak of Ovcar, at the source of the Korona stream, elevated about 800 meters above sea level. The first written remark about this monastery is saved in one manuscript gospel from 1571. The temple was painted in 1844. During the Great Migrations of the Serbs under Arsenije Carnojevic, the Monastery was devastated and was abandoned for a long time. The first restoration of the monastery was done by the priest Nikifor in 1818, in 1844, the painters Zivko Pavlovic and Nikola Jankovic painted two large artistic unities in the monastery church. There was a friendly nan who guided us through the church and invited us for a coffee with cookies. She offered us also local berry wine produced by nans, it was so good, that we bought 4 bottles (400 RSD / 1 l). On our way back we made a short stop at The Holy Trinity Monastery.

Parking location: 43.884814N 20.235076E