SÉTIF (سطيف‎)

Sétif is one of the oldest towns in Algeria spread on Hautes Plaines in the altitude of 1096 meters. But unfortunately, there is nothing to see. It is an industrial and commercial hub, anything that was built yesterday has been knocked down and replaced with something built today. The result isn’t as unpleasant as it might sound and the city is renowned throughout Algeria for being forward-looking, well-off, and clean. We used it just for an overnight. Again, the police asked us to park next to their police station. In the morning we made a short walk around the city with fast food lunch in the nearby shopping mall (2x panini and nice sour lemon juice – 1100 DZD). After that, we got a friendly police escort which rushed us through the city traffic jams like VIPs to the ancient Djemila.

Parking location – Sétif: 36.19034N 5.40705E (🚻)