SIDI BOU SAID (سيدي بو سعيد)

Sidi Bou Said – just 365 steps away from our parking place (parking fee 2 TND) is located the famous Sidi Bou Said village perched on top of a steep cliff. It is an idyllic seaside town with breathtaking Mediterranean views located 20 kilometers from Tunis city. Once we got to the main street on the top, we tasted traditional doughnut Bambalouni (1,50 TND). The town’s cobbled streets are lined with art shops, souvenir stalls, and busy cafés – all with blue-painted doors and trellises contrast beautifully with the pure white buildings. Village´s striking blue and white color scheme has been adopted around the early 1920s and became synonymous with art and creativity. Sidi Bou Said has provided a sanctuary for many famous painters, writers, and journalists. All afternoon we were wanderings around the village up to the lighthouse, where are the best views of the Gulf of Tunis. After that, we spent some time in the Café des Délices with views of the marina (Quattro formaggi pizza – 25 TND, fresh lemon juice 10 TND). For the evening outing, we do recommend to start in Le Pirate (lively restaurant next to the marina, Celtia beer 6 TND, finger food from 10 TND, pizzas around 20 TND) and then go by Bolt (7 TND to 15 TND) to clubs around (Le Carpe Diem and Wax).

Last edit – we have to warn you – do not go to Café des Délices (unfortunately that it’s the only café there with a view over the bay and harbor) – they are trying to cheat bills, during our first visit, we were thinking, that it’s just a mistake, so we did not post it, but since the same happened also during our second visit, we know they are doing it. We also observed closely other tables, and all of them had the same problem (locals and tourists). They will ask you a different much higher price without the receipt, all waiters even have a fake menu with higher printed prices (which they will show you only during payment, for ordering they use the original one). They will not bring the receipt from the cash register; they will keep trying to get the money first without a receipt. In our case juice 12 TND, during second visit 15 TND, the correct price on receipt should be 10 TND. There is an original menu with correct prices hanging on the wall in the middle of the café.

Parking location – Sidi Bou Said: 36.867469N 10.349877E (💦, 🚻)