TOZEUR (توزر)

After three hours drive, we made it to the oasis town of Tozeur. We have parked on the road in the “Zone Touristique”, just in front of the sweet-shop Frozen Palm (cakes 4,5 TND, cappuccino 3,5 TND, chocolate pancake 5 TND, great ice cream – scoop 2,5 TND). Later we took street food pizza in a small local restaurant (pizza 14 TND, coke 3 TND). The next day we spent all outside the town in the oasis villages. In the evening we came back and made some shopping in the Carrefour supermarket and explored a bit of the downtown. We ended the day with light dinner on the street (kebab with salad and soup – 12 TND).

Parking location – Tozeur: 33.913847N 8.120467E