AKRE (ئاکرێ)

We spent two nights in the breathtakingly beautiful little historic town of Akre. The town was built on the side of a mountain range at the edge of the Nineveh Plains by the Kurdish Prince Zand in 580 BC. It was traditionally a mixed town of Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Nowadays, Akre consists of a historic old quarter tucked along the ridges and valleys, with the growing new neighborhoods sprawling out downhill in the flatlands that lead to the Nineveh Plains. We did park near the viewpoint with excellent views of the town. A taxi from there to the bazaar did cost 5000 IQD. Some restaurants are around the bazaar and a money changer (1630 IQD / 1 EUR).

Parking location – Akre: 36.750931N 43.883982E