In the evening, we strolled around Rainbow Street, where Ammanis come every evening to promenade and visit the many great cafes and restaurants – to see and be seen. In the daytime, there are plenty of shops selling souvenirs. Many shops sadly went bankrupt because of COVID-19, and some were closed during the holy month of Ramadan, but still, there was a relaxed atmosphere. Trendy is Sufra Restaurant, but we had dinner in the Cantaloupe Restaurant with a terrace offering excellent views (Rosemary Mushrooms – 5,5 JOD, Chicken strips – 7 JOD, Fried brie – 7,25 JOD, Amstel – 5,50 JOD; Happy Hour till 20:00 – 25% off the bill). After that, we took a taxi to a famous pub, Rovers Return, where we had our first pint of Petra beer (4,26 JOD) and tried nearby Biera and its craft lager beer (6 JOD). All liquor stores and nightclubs were closed during the holy month of Ramadan.