BURAYDAH (بريدة)

Buraydah is a town in north-central Saudi Arabia. It is 650 meters above sea level in the largest valley of Saudi Arabia, the 600 km long Wadi al-Rummah. It has long been a commercial rival of ʿUnayzah to the south, at one time controlling the export of Arab horses and monopolizing the camel caravan trade of Arabia.

In the late 16th century, the emirate of Buraydah was established by the Al Abu Olayan dynasty of the Banu Tamim tribe. Buraydah was an important station along the Zubaydah Hajj Route constructed during the caliph Harun Al Rashid. Reception areas and water holes were made available to the pilgrims in the city.

Now a principal oasis and agricultural center, it has extensive date, lemon, and orange groves. It is called the city of dates for producing high-quality dates and the 35-day annual date festival held here.

The Al Qassim Camel Market is the world’s largest camel market, selling thousands of camels, sheep, goats, saddles, and other accessories.

Al Qassim Camel Market

Parking location – Buraydah: 26.350855N 43.958450E (🚻)