WADI MUSA (وادي موسى)

In the late afternoon, we arrived at the base for the visits of ancient Petra. The Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses) town that has sprung up around Petra is an easygoing assemblage of hotels, restaurants, shops, and houses stretching about 5km from Moses’ Spring to the main entrance of Petra near the bottom of the Wadi Musa. From the first look, you can see that the town remembers better times than now. We could exchange the money here (1 EUR / 0,75 JOD). Then, we tried two pricy restaurants, one in the oldtown (Half of the roasted chicken with bread, two lemon-mint juices, and a bottle of water – 11 JOD) and another one next to the Petra Visitors Centre, where we had just two small lentil soups, coke and water for 10 JOD. The next day, we finally found the only acceptable restaurant in Wadi Musa / Petra, My Mom’s Recipe, where we had a nice dinner (Lentil soup – 2 JOD, Grilled chicken – 10 JOD, Shish Tavouk – 10 JOD, Water – 1,5 l / 2 JOD, Tonic water – 0,33 l / 2 JOD).

Parking location – Wadi Musa: 30.327201N 35.468254E (🚻)