WAKAN (وكان)

We drove through wide Wadi Mistal. It´s less wadi and more an extension of the Batinah Plain, leading through a narrow gap in the Western Hajar Mountains to an enormous desert basin. Dotted with acacia and grazed by goats, this basin is bisected by an excellent paved road that offers spectacular mountain views along its entire length. At the end of the road, a steep off-road track (4WD only-10 OMR) leads up to the tiny village of Wakan, 2,000 meters above sea level. This small mountain village with beautiful terraced gardens offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. We took the track through the village, compromising 700 steps across the terraced gardens and along a falaj stream ending at the watch tower at the top of the village.

Parking location – Wakan: 23.156938N 57.748060E