We have parked on the banks of Danube in the village Coronini, from where it took us just a few minutes ride on our scooter on a good paved road to reach Sfânta Elena, which is the best known of the six Czech villages in the Banat region (could be easily reached also by truck). About fifty percent of the population of Sfânta Elena are Baptists. Originally, they were Lutherans but they converted to Baptism initially because of the arrival of a Hungarian preacher in the past. There, strung out along a mountain ridge, was a village without cars, tractors, telephones, or power, well, it’s not true anymore, all is there including excellent 4G coverage. Nowadays the village look has changed with newly built or renovated houses, there are also plenty of wind power plants around the village, so the view is a bit disturbed. Some of the houses still lack sewage systems or running water, but otherwise, it’s a pretty modern village and definitely not isolated as it was decades ago (nearest Penny or Lidl are just 14 minutes away). After exploring, we took a Ciuc beer (0,5 l / 5 ROL) at a local shop. We had a good dinner and lunch on the nice terrace over the Danube in Elis Pension in Coronini (Pork steak with potatoes – 30 ROL, Ciuc beer – 0,5 l / 7 ROL, Mineral water – 0,5 l / 5 ROL).

Parking location – Coronini: 44.687713N 21.673230E