MAKRINITSA (Μακρινίτσα)

We took a ferry from Evia Island to the mainland (🎫 41,70 EUR / 9 m) and drove (🛣️ 9,50 EUR / Class 3) to a dramatic mountain range, collectively known as Mt Pelion. The Pelion Peninsula curves south and east from Volos, cradling the Pagasitikos Gulf within its protective arm. Its higher slopes are a green wonderland, where trees heavy with fruit vie with wild olive groves and forests of horse chestnut, oak, and walnut. On both flanks, the mountain is peppered with delightful villages, linked by age-old trails, and holding whitewashed, half-timbered mansions that serve as guesthouses or tavernas. One of the most characteristic traditional settlements is Makrinitsa village situated in the northwestern part of the Pelion mountains, 6 km northeast of Volos. It is known as a noble village because it was mostly inhabited by wealthy people. This is why most of the houses in Makrinitsa are noble mansions, very richly decorated. The village is also known as the balcony of Pelion because of its amazing view due to its location (630 meters above the sea). After the visit to the village, we drove down at sea level to Volos, where we took our lunch in one of many tavernas in a former fishing port.

Parking location – Volos: 39.379425N 22.952304E