SHARGAN EIGHT (Шарганска осмица)

Part of the railroad track that had once connected Europe to the Adriatic Sea over the hills, bridges, and inaccessible sceneries, today represents Shargan Eight. The track of 760 mm gauge width passes through the most beautiful mountain areas of Mokra Gora with 5 bridges and 22 tunnels. On the total length of the railway line, on the Mokra Gora to Šargan Vitasi route, in the length of 15,5 km passes the height difference of 300 m. Directorate of Sarajevo had started the building of Shargan railway in 1921, with the first train driving down in 1925, tracks were used till 1974 and then they were brought back to life again in 1994. The train “Nostalgija”, which is consisted of the restored wagons operates during the summer and winter tourist season. The regular trains are hauled by diesel locomotives, and the optional steam locomotive is used only on special occasions. The Shargan Eight railroad has got its name because the 300 meters height difference is overcome by the rise upon the hills in the convoluted circles in the shape of the number eight.

Parking location – Mokra Gora: 43.792433N 19.509199E (🚻)