Today we got the worst weather in the last three months. Anyway, we made a short wet stop at Valaste Waterfall, located on the Ontika limestone cliff. It is more than 30 meters high, making it the highest waterfall in Estonia. Currently, the waterfall can be admired in spring and winter from the side, which offers a lovely view of the layers formed in 400,000 million years. We got wet only from the rain – there was water everywhere, but not in the waterfall. We were hoping for better weather in Narva, but we were not lucky, so our visit was shortened just to a photo stop next to the castle. Narva is the third-largest city in Estonia. It is located at the eastern extreme point of Estonia, by the Russian border, on the Narva River which drains Lake Peipus. Two castles towering in close vicinity to each other on opposite banks – the castle of Order of Germanic knights and the Russian fortress of Ivangorod. The baroque city was completely damaged during WWII.