ANNABA (عنابة‎)

We have changed some money (100 EUR / 19000 DZD) and bought a local sim card (4500 DZD / 40 GB data). On the highway to Annaba, we took our first diesel and paid fascinating 23 DZD / liter (0,12 EUR)! But Algerian driving conditions are a bit different from Tunisia, we met already quite some number of strange drivers in old cars, and roads are narrow with unexpected potholes, so we are driving much slower than in Tunisia. Anyway, we made it in the late afternoon to Annaba city. It was hard to find any parking spot, so in the end, we have parked in front of the Sidi Brahim Hotel – a good place with a friendly hotel owner. It was too late to go to the city center, so we have decided to take dinner in the hotel (5-course menu with a bottle of water 3000 DZD / person). The next morning, we have arranged a helpful local man with a small Chevrolet for 4 hours (1500 DZD) exploration of the ancient city. The Phoenicians settled in Annaba already during the 14th century BC. Our first stop was The Basilica of St Augustine – a Roman Catholic basilica dedicated to Saint Augustine of Hippo located on the small hill overlooking our second stop – Hippo Regius (entrance 180 DZD). It was a center of early Western Christianity, it was the site of many Christian synods, one of which was a key site for the dissemination of the books of the New Testament. The city was destroyed in the 5th century by the Vandals. Then we walked through the old town and harbor, after that we took a ride along beaches to reach finally the lighthouse El Manar.

Parking location – Annaba: 36.886841N 7.745072E (💦, 🚻)