BIZERTE (بَنْزَرْت‎)

We planned to make overnight at a beautiful beach Sidi Ali El Mekki, but unfortunately, we got stuck in the middle of a medieval tunnel in a village just a few kilometers before it (roof frame damaged on the left side). So, we slept in some village on the way to Bizerte (highway fee 1 TND). It is the northernmost city in Africa, located 65 km north of the capital Tunis. The town originated as a Phoenician outpost and was known through Carthaginian and Roman times as Hippo Diarrhytus. In 1895 French completed a canal leading from Lake Bizerte to the sea and the town became an important naval base. It was the last town in Tunisia under French control. After clashes between French and Tunisian forces in 1961 the French withdraw their troops from the military base in 1963. There is not so much to see, but the old port is a really charming and pleasant place to scroll around or take a break in one of many cafés.

Parking location – Bizerte: 37.276001N 9.877778E