CAP SERRAT (رأس سيراط)

We drove to the mouth of the small river Zeyatine through a tiny road lined with marshes and eucalyptus trees. At the end of the road is Le Pirate Restaurant (if you need some help, ask for Samir) located just a few steps from the pretty wild beach. The long sandy beach is dazzling, serene, and secluded with rocky coves and clear and clean water. Northwest of the beach is topped by a white lighthouse. There are also two rocky islands offshore known as Les Frères (The Brothers). Local fishermen may take you on a trip near the islets or along the coast. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad the last two days, that we could not wander around.

Parking location – Le Pirate: 37.218566N 9.222767E (🔌, 💦, 🚻, 🚿)