CONSTANTINE (قسنطينة‎)

After a long drive, we have reached Constantine, it was not easy to decide, where to park, but local police sent us to the huge busy bus station for an overnight. After that, we made some walk around the city during sunset and took our first local fast food dinner (2 meals and lemon juice – 1400 DZD). The next morning, we made three hours sightseeing of this picturesque city, we have also tried local ice cream (50 DZD), then some cakes (100 DZD) and in the end, we took a “chicken wrap” for a lunch (250 DZD). Constantine has seven bridges and a viaduct crossing the ravine. That is why it’s often called “City of Bridges.” It is situated on a plateau at an elevation of 640 meters. Over time, the Rhumel River carved out a deep, and almost circular, gorge around an outcrop of rock, creating a natural fortress. The city was originally founded by the Phoenicians, after that Berbers, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Turks and French ruled the city for centuries. It was always the prosperous center of the grain trade.

Parking location – Constantine: 36.363329N 6.616644E