EL JEM (الجم)

Since we could not make it on time to Sfax, we have decided to overnight in El Jem. After arrival at the parking just in front of the ancient Amphitheatre, a policeman on a scooter has arrived and politely asked us to follow him to nearby safer gated parking (1 TND, free toilets). Others also asked us for passports for registration, so we followed one of them to a nearby copy shop, where they made the passport copies (policeman paid for them). After that, we tried the local “rich” cappuccino (on top with sweet cream, smarties, and chocolate tubule) in La Symphonie café (3 TND) and had a tasty baked spicy stuffed baguette in Elyess fast food restaurant (6 TND). In the morning we strolled around UNESCO listed Amphitheatre built around 238 (entrance 12 TND). It is one of the best-preserved Roman stone ruins in the world and is unique in Africa. It is second-largest in the world (after Rome’s). The estimated capacity is 35000 people, and it is 30 meters high, 149 meters long, and 124 meters wide.

Parking location – El Jem: 35.297752N 10.705458E (💦, 🚻)