HAMMAMET (الحمامات)

We spent one night in Hammamet on the Cap Bon peninsula. Our truck was parked near the Yasmine Harbour – finest Hammamet’s resort with its long sandy beach and pleasant marina with few restaurants (Beef burger 7 TND, Pizza Margherita 8 TND, Gordon Bleu 14 TND, Citronade 3,5 TND). In the evening we have explored the nightlife in the Hammamet Sud (taxi 10 TND / way, we recommend to start in El Barrio /Celtia beer 4 TND; 10 beers till 21:00 for 28 TND/ and then later go to Latino Club, El Pacha or Calypso). In the morning we took a taxi (10 TND) to Medina from the 15th century. It was a nice walk through narrow and winding lanes, which hosts a wealth of well-preserved traditional Tunisian architecture (fresh juice 5 TND). In World War II, it also became one of the headquarters of the Nazi general Erwin Rommel.

Parking location – Yasmine Hammamet: 36.371958N 10.542179E (🚻)