JIJEL (جيجل‎)

We were driving with our friendly police escort through the Kabylie Hills to the coast. The first overnight we made in Jijel. We have parked next to the abandoned Kotama Hotel on the beach. Then we took a walk around in bad cloudy weather. Unfortunately, the beach is really dirty, surrounded by a few cafés and other abandoned buildings remembering good times of this place. Later we took fast food dinner in a local fast food joint (huge chicken sandwich and lemon juice – 1150 DZD for two). Jijel is located 30 km from Taza National Park, the area was originally inhabited by Berber tribes (most prominent were Kutama). It was a Phoenician colony, which was conquered for the last in the 16th century by Hayreddin Barbarossa. The historical town was devastated by an earthquake in 1856.

Parking location – Jijel: 36.8154N 5.772498E (🚻)