KÉLIBIA (قليبية‎)

Late afternoon we have arrived in Kélibia, a coastal town on the Cap Bon peninsula. Its sand beaches are considered some of the finest in the Mediterranean, so we have decided to park at the famous El Mansourah beach. We have scrolled around the sandy beach and tasted local Bambalouni (0,8 TND). Later we took dinner (Spaghetti Bolognese 17 TND, Spaghetti Frutti di mare 24 TND, Turkey steak with champignons 16 TND) under Kélibia s hallmark – the fortress built on a 150-meter rock formation. Its oldest parts contain Roman elements, while the bulk of the fortress dates to the sixth century. There is not much to do in the evening, we were looking for a beer, but we ended up in a café on the beach (citronade 3 TND, hot chocolate 6 TND).

Parking location – Kélibia: 36.849514N 11.125264E (🚻)