LA MARSA (المرسى)

Another unlucky day in Tunisia. We woke up and have realized that our Dometic fridge is not working anymore. We found some technician in the nearby marina and after some checking, he said, that the thermostat got damaged (not switching off the compressor) and then the compressor broke down. We searched for spare parts like crazy, but we have realized that we have to bring them from Europe. And since it would take a really long time to push it through local terrible customs, we have invited some friends to join our trip for two weeks and bring it with them. So, for one week we will be stuck in Sidi Bou Said. Anyway, helpful Khaled from Tunisian Campers stored our stuff from the fridge and helped us to take the fridge out of the truck and moved it into the nearest service, where it will wait for its spare parts. In the meantime, we made some little exploration of a nearby famous most northern seaside resort in Tunisia – La Marsa. The beach is pristine and it is surrounded by expensive white residences. We took a short walk around and in Zéphyr shopping center we bought a local sim card from Ooredoo (25 GB for 30 days / 25 TND, sim card 3 TND with 3 months validity, credit for calls 5 TND – calls to EU costs around 0,5 TND / minute). In the evening we had a great time in Le Carpe Diem club – a really busy pleasant club (0,33 l Celtia beer – 6 TND, to get there – Bolt taxi 12 TND / ride).

Parking location – Sidi Bou Said: 36.867469N 10.349877E (💦, 🚻)