LE KEF (الكاف)

We took the old narrow road through the hills to an elevation of 780 meters to Le Kef. We have parked in front of the former Presidential palace and from there we have explored the fortress with nice panoramic views and below medina with tiny cobblestones streets. The town was established around 500 BC by Carthage to protect the western parts of the empire. After the fall of Carthage, it became a stronghold of the Numidian king Jugurtha during his rebellion against Rome. Then the city was ruled by Vandals, Byzantines, Arabas, Almohads, and Ottomans. It took us maybe just one hour to explore all main sights (no entrance fees) – Kasbah (fortress), Basilique (former Byzantine church), mosque Zaouia of Sidi Abdallah Boumakhlouf (with white cupolas and octagonal minaret), damaged Al-Ghriba Synagogue and Church of St Peter with nearby Roman cisterns and Roman baths.

Parking location – Le Kef: 36.181189N 8.718752E