Today we started early morning and drove outside Tozeur to the northern oasis villages. The first shortstop we made in Chebika – the old houses are settled on the southern edge of the mountain range and the green “palmeraie” is visible for kilometers. Then the road twisted and turned up a steep mountainside before we finally arrived in the small valley, where the more famous Tamerza Oasis, is located. There we made 1,5 hours hike through the canyon with a local guide (40 EUR / 3 hours), it was a good idea to take him because we would not find the correct path without him. In the afternoon we drove to Mides, which is perched high above a dramatic gorge, which was used as a setting in many movies. After that, we spent another two hours on curvy roads around mountains and canyons on the way back to Tozeur.

Parking location – Mides: 34.407091N 7.920429E
Parking location – Tamerza: 34.383507N 7.932665E