SFAX (صفاقس‎)

We spent one night in the city of Sfax, which is located on the east coast of Tunisia, just 270 km south of Tunis (highway from El Jem – 2,2 TND). The city was founded on the ruins of Roman Taparura in 849. By the end of the 10th century, Sfax had become an independent city-state. The city was conquered by Roger II of Sicily in 1148 and occupied until it was liberated in 1156 by local forces. Then Spanish and Ottomans ruled the city until it became an integral base of the Barbary piracy, prompting an unsuccessful invasion by Venice in 1785. During World War II, it was used as a navy base of Axis powers until its liberation by British forces in 1943. We took a walk around the medina hidden behind the monumental medieval walls. The narrow thoroughfares are crowded with local shoppers stocking up on cheap clothing, shoes, and household goods. We also visited newer parts of the city and ate good food in a local restaurant (grilled chicken leg with salad, French fries, and couscous – 7 TND). We have to say that we were not so impressed by the city – it’s a bit dirty, and there is not so much to see. The nearest toilet to our parking location was inside the Municipal Theatre of Sfax.

Parking location – Sfax: 34.736021N 10.765031E