SKIKDA (سكيكدة‎)

In the afternoon, we took a curvy and narrow road through the hilly and forested landscape to reach the coast of the Gulf of Stora. There is a long sandy beach along the natural Mediterranean coastline near Skikda. It is still a bit abandoned area with very little touristic infrastructure. Anyway, just in the middle of nowhere, there is one huge five-star hotel – Royal Tulip and just by chance, we have decided to park next to the beach close to this hotel. While we were sipping our first Algerian beer in the hotel bar (500 DZD /  bottle), the local friendly Gendarmerie showed up to register us. The front office manager came to help us with French translation and in the end, he invited us to park in their guarded parking lot. So, we got another great example of Algerian hospitality.

Parking location – Skikda: 36.898298N 7.031080E (🚻)