SOUSSE (سوسة)

Today we were exploring Tunisia’s third-biggest city. It is an important port and commercial center that originated as the Phoenician settlement. It was used also by Hannibal as his base during the Second Punic War (218–201 BC). Sousse changed its allegiance during the Third Punic War (149–146 BC) and consequently gained the status of a free town. We have parked next to popular long sandy Boujaffar Beach. The main attraction except the beach is the UNESCO listed 9th-century medina. It’s a huge complex of traditional buildings with busy markets Souq Er Ribba and Souq El Kayed. It is a great unusual and important example of Aghlabid military coastal architecture. Ribat is the oldest monument in the medina, built in the final years of the 8th century as a fort. We have climbed the narrow spiral staircase to enjoy spectacular views over the medina (entrance 8 TND). Another landmark is the Kasbah standing at the high point of the medina, it was built onto the city walls in the 11th century. It incorporates the imposing square Khalef tower, built in 859 at the same time as the city walls. During our city walk, we took some fresh juice on the street (1,5 TND) and tasted local Shawarma wrap (4 TND). For the nightlife, we do recommend to start in Caruso for a beer and some food (live music) and later you can take a taxi (20 TND) to Iron Club or Miramar Club.

Parking location – Sousse: 35.835064N 10.638741E (🚻)