SUFETULA (سبيطلة)

After a long drive, we have arrived in Subaytilah. Police did not allow us to park next to the archaeological site of Sbeitla, so we moved 2 kilometers away to hotel parking (parking fee 35 TND, buffet dinner 35 TND, Celtia beer 4,5 TND). In the morning we made a short excursion of the Roman ruins of Sufetula, where you can find the best-preserved Roman forum temples in Tunisia (entrance 8 TND). Roman Sufetula was established at the beginning of the 1st century on the site of a Numidian settlement. Town made its fortune from olive growing. Later the Byzantines made Sufetula their regional capital, transforming it into a military stronghold from where they could tackle the area’s rebellious local tribes. Most of the town was destroyed by Arabs in 647.

Parking location – Sufetula: 35.24534N 9.111609E (🚻)