TLEMCEN (تلمسان‎)

Nice three lanes highway brought us to the Tlemcen. There were waiting for us helpful friends of friends – Amine and Fethallah, who helped us to find a secure parking location and went with us through long registration at the police station. The next morning, we met again and did great sightseeing of a former Islamic capital (local guide 3 hours / 2600 DZD). It is very close to the (closed) border of Morocco and it is one of the most beautiful towns in Algeria. With its sand red old city walls, elegant minarets, and palaces filled with graceful arches and Moorish atmosphere, Tlemcen is a great place to explore. We have seen the 11th-century Grand Mosque, with a tall minaret, The tomb of Sidi Boumediene – a 12th-century Sufi teacher, and the 12th-century palace of El Mechouar protected by high walls. At the end of the day, we took a walk around a great viewpoint at Lalla Setti plateau which is connected to the city by a cable car (10 minutes, 2 stops).

Parking location – Tlemcen: 34.866954N 1.320848W (🚻)