Khanzad Castle, also called Banaman Castle, is located on the road between Erbil and Shaqlawa. It was constructed during the time of the Kurdish Soran Emirate in the 16th century under the rule of Princess Khanzad and her brother Prince Suleiman Beg. For seven years, she ruled over two Kurdish areas, Harir and Soran. At that time, Rawanduz was the capital of the Soran Emirate.

Khanzad, the “Kurdish Warrior Queen,” is commemorated and referenced in various Kurdish songs and poems. She ruled Soran Emirate after her brother, King Mohammed, died after being poisoned. When she came to power, she avenged her brother’s death by killing all those who poisoned him.

Parking location – Khanzad: 36.353558N 44.180510E