ABHA (أَبْهَا)

Abha, the capital of the Asir Region, is situated 2,270 meters above sea level in the fertile Asir Mountains. Abha’s mild climate makes it a popular tourist destination for Saudis.

Abha was the capital city for the Prince of Asir Ibn Ayde under the authority of the Ottoman Empire until World War I. In 1918, the Prince of Asir, Yahya bin Hasun Al Ayde, grandson of Ibn Ayed, returned to his family throne conquered in Abha with complete independence. However, in 1920, Asir was overwhelmed by the Ikhwan tribesmen of Nejd loyal to Ibn Saud during the Unification of Saudi Arabia. In 2015, a group of terrorists attacked a prominent mosque in Abha. In later years, some places in Abha, including the international airport, were attacked by Yemeni terrorists.

We made a tiring walk around Abha’s´s highlights, including – Art Street, Al Muftaha, Shada Archeological Palace, Shamsan Castle, Al Basta and An Nasab districts.

Ahba is also famous for good restaurants, so we went for a change to Durrat China Restaurant (Chicken fried noodles – 32 SAR, Shanghai noodles – 40 SAR, Water – 1,5 l / 7 SAR) and to the terrace of Kiva Han Coffee (Iced Americano – 17 SAR, Chocolate cheesecake – 22 SAR).

Parking location – Abha: 18.206069N 42.491223E (🚻 – mosque or opposite hotel)