We followed Google to the Ajloun Forrest Reserve Visitors Centre, which was a huge mistake. We ended up on steep, narrow streets in the middle of Ajloun, so we had a tough time driving through and finding the correct direction. After arrival, we found out that the only available unguided hike is just 2km long. It’s also the only one included in the reserve entrance price (🎟️ 8 JOD). For other hikes, you must book in advance; a minimum of 4 people are required. After the hike, we tried some food in the restaurant in the lodge, which was not so tasty, but acceptable (Vegetable soup – 2,5 JOD, Creamy Chicken – 7 JOD, Chicken in tomato sauce – 5 JOD, Bread – 2 JOD, French fries – 2,5 JOD, Bottle of water – 1,5 l / 1,5 JOD, and Lemon-Mint Juice – 3 JOD).

The reserve is located in the Ajloun Highlands; this small (just 13 sq km) but vitally important nature reserve was established by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) in 1988 to protect oak, carob, pistachio, and strawberry-tree forests. The reserve also acts as a wildlife sanctuary for the endangered roe deer (which is being brought back from the brink of extinction through captive-breeding programs), as well as wild boar, stone martens, polecats, jackals, and even hyenas and grey wolves.

Parking location – Ajloun: 32.379354 35.763802 (🚻)