AL KAMIL WAL WAFI (الكامل والوافي)

We made a short stop at Al Kamil Wal Wafi. It has two main towns, which are Al Kamil and Al Wafi. Al Kamil is home to an extraordinary museum, which was unfortunately closed. This private castle houses the personal collection of Sheikh Khalfan Al Hashmi. His great-grandfather owned the 250-year-old castle and donated it to the government; it was restored to its former glory under the current Sultan Qaboos, who gave it back to the Al Hashmi family. The present owner lives in the castle and has embellished the rooms with meticulously arranged collections of copper, ceramics, mirrors, electronics, wood, and palm crafts gleaned from homes nationwide.

Parking location – Al Kamil: 22.217626N 59.202985E