AL NASLAA (حصاة النصلة تيماء)

We finally made it to the probably most famous rock formation in the Al Ula region. We were lucky enough to meet a friendly guy, Saud, with his old 2WD Nissan, who drove us around the desert rock formations for a couple of hours (50 SAR tip). We saw a Chinese Dragon, a Baby Elephant, a Cobra, and the most famous Al Naslaa rock formation with petroglyphs dating back thousands of years to the Bronze Age.

However, its most unusual feature is that it’s split in two, down the middle, with each rock section balanced atop a thin, small pedestal. Although many wonder whether nature could have created such a feature, there are three leading geological features behind one of the world’s most spectacular rock formations. It is made of high-density sedimentary rock and shows significant evidence of weathering and erosion. Although its collapse is inevitable, Al Naslaa remains an enduring geological wonder.

Parking location: 27-213226N 38.614867E